Contact Us

Spina Bifida Secretary, Ms Sinead Somers

For Spina Bifida clinic appointments and letters of support.  

Telephone: 01-8785527


Spina Bifida Service Coordinator, Ms Helen Grant

For service queries and operational issues.

Telephone: 01-8784341

Spina Bifida Clinical Nurse Specialist, Ms Rachel Clarke

For spina bifida queries and general advice.

Telephone: 01-8921768, Bleep 915


Spina Bifida Nurse ( Urology) , Ms Maeve Williams

Support and advice related to the bladder and bowel. 

Telephone 01-8784614, Bleep 818


Physiotherapist, Ms Sarah Gately

Advice and support on maximising function, minimising complications and assessment of movement, posture, sensation, tone and power. 

Telephone: 01-878 4562, bleep 990

Occupational Therapist, Ms Niamh Galavan

Advice and support on positioning and equipment needs.

Telephone: 01-8784542, Bleep 982


Medical Social Worker, Ms Regina Mc Crann

Advice and support on the social and emotional impact of illness on patients and families.

Telephone: 01-8784214

Neuro-psychologist, Ms Sandra Hayes

Advice and support regarding learning and emotional well-being.

Telephone: 01-8784188

Other Useful Numbers:

Hospital Switchboard:   01-8784200

X-Ray & Scans: 01 8784264

MRI Department: 01-8784828

DMSA/MAG3 scans: 01-8784566

Orthopaedic secretary: 01-8784330

Plaster Room: 01-8784706, bleep 900

Ophthalmology: 01-8784227