Talipes/Club Foot

Talipes also known as Club Foot or CTEV is a common foot deformity in new-borns. It affects 1 in 1000 babies and occurs more often in boys than girls.

In talipes the bones, joints and ligaments of the foot are abnormal which causes the foot to point downwards and inward. It may affect one or both feet, affecting both feet in 50% of children.  If only one foot is affected, that foot and calf will always remain slightly smaller than the other.

Talipes is not painful for children but may impact on achieving developmental motor milestones such as walking and standing.

Some types of Talipes can be diagnosed with an ultrasound antenatal although most are not diagnosed until after birth during your new born physiotherapy assessment. When identified during your new born assessment, you will be shown stretches to maintain the current range available and you will be referred to the Spina Bifida Orthopaedic Consultant who will assess and treat as appropriate.